About Us

My name is Laurie Middleton and I am a former sun-worshipper who was turned on to airbrush tanning back in 2007 with the discovery of my first skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) The skin cancer was due to years of tanning bed use through out my high school years.

I turned to airbrush tanning before a vacation to Mexico in hopes that I would not have walk around pale white in my bikini. I quickly learned the benefits of the airbrush glow; not only did it give me that sunkissed bronze look but it also evened out my skin tone. I was hooked!

A skilled airbrush artist has the ability to shade and contour problem areas on the body. They can cover up those unsightly dimples, and create a more sleek and toned physique.

This is one of the best things a woman can do to feel confident about herself. It's quick, healthy and guilt free making it the perfect thing to add to your weekly beauty regimen.  

You don't ever have to be winter white again!